“Remember Me?” in Horror Bound Magazine, February 2009“Shades of Grey (the Symbiosis of Light and Dark)” in MicroHorror online mag’, May 2009

“The Interloper,” June 2009, “Never Meet Your Heroes,” August 2009, and “Nil Caveat”, October 2009, in SNM Horror Magazine.

“The Interloper” in the SNM Horror anthology, Bonded by Blood II, January 2010.

“Freaks,” in Downstate Story magazineIssue 18, December 2009.

“The Unwanted Visitors,” in the Vermin anthology, by Rymfire eBooks, November 2009.

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“Dark Web,” in Horror Sleaze Trash online mag’, January 2019.


“Mind Fuck,” a dark poem, in Horror Sleaze Trash online mag’, March 2019

“Screw With Your Mind,” in, June 2019

“You Can’t Go Anywhere,” in Horror Sleaze Trash, March 2020

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