My Metal Favorites, All Subgenres (With More Corrections)

  1. In the Shadows – Mercyful Fate
  2. Time – Mercyful Fate
  3. Them – King Diamond
  4. Glory to the Brave – HammerFall
  5. Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Nocturnal Rites
  6. In a Time of Blood and Fire – Nocturnal Rites
  7. The Sacred Talisman – Nocturnal Rites
  8. Reign in Blood – Slayer
  9. Reek of Putrifaction – Carcass
  10. Pander Division Marduk – Marduk

This list keeps changing, especially as I discover the joy of power metal. Hopefully, this is the end of it. What are yours?

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