My Metal Favorites

I thought it would be fun to name my favorites in metal. For months I’ve posted the Super-Heavy List and addendums, but I do like other subgenres. Here we go!

1. Best death-metal growler: Rachel Heyser (Sacramental Sachem, Pathology, Occult, Sinister, Infinited Hate)

2. Best Black-Metal Snarler: Abbath (Immortal, Abbath)

3. Best Singer: Joey Belladonna (Anthrax, Belladonna)

4. Best Guitarist: Trey Azazthoth (Morbid Angel)

5. Best Bassist: Steve Di Giorgio (Sadus, Death, Autopsy, Control Denied, Ephel Duath, Obscura, Artension, Faust, Memorain, Pain Museum, Suicide Shift, Soen, Vintersorg, Dragonlord Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Obituary, Dark Hall, Testament, Future’s End, Synesis Absorption, Mythodea, Charred Walls of the Damned, Anatomy of I, Gone in April, Spirits of Fire)

6. Best Drummer: Fredrik Andersson (Allegiance, Bizarre Scums, Skullcrusher, Moment Maniacs, Triumphator, Marduk)

Top Ten Favorite Albums (in Order):

  1. In the Shadows – Mercyful Fate
  2. Time – Mercyful Fate
  3. Them – King Diamond
  4. Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Nocturnal Rites
  5. Opus Eponymous – Ghost
  6. Infestissumam – Ghost
  7. Meliora – Ghost
  8. Reign in Blood – Slayer/Master of Puppets – Metallica (tie)
  9. Reek of Putrifaction – Carcass
  10. Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion- Exhumer

A note about Rachel: If you listen to her vocals in Pathology (a video of her growling at Wee Lawaat is on You Tube, and she’s in short-shorts–hot!) and Infinited Hate, her band after Sinister, you’ll hear that she’s the brutalist singer in metal. Obviously, Sinister told her to calm down and do vocals appropriate for their standard. And it’s b.s. what some people say about how she used effects to be able to do death vox because she’s a woman. On the You Tube video with Pathology, it’s a live video, so it’s obvious that she can do it naturally.

Let’s rock and mosh it up!

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