“Mind Fuck,” My 1st Dark Poem Publication

I had a feeling about this one. Some really black shit in the form of a poem that assaulted my head has been published in Horror Sleaze Trash, my second pub’ with them. It’s actually thoughts my best friend in grade school and I had back in the day. You can’t beat young minds for sharpness. We used to do brain freezes by coming up with concepts that are too much for the mind, like what was there before the creation of the universe. Nothing. But there’s got to be something! All I did was add some twisted pervert shit and horror shocks to complete the poem, making it 100% hopeless, along with some good-ole-fashioned-dirt-and-mind-numbing bleakness, and the sick poem was complete! Here’s where you find the darkness: https://horrorsleazetrash.com/2019/03/15/a-r-braun-2/

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