“Dark Web,” My New Short Horror Publication

I’m starting to get short-story publications again, the more professional and less idiotic I become. I’m proud to announce that Horror Sleaze Trash has accepted my new short story, “Dark Web.” I had a feeling about this one, different than a lot of tales out there, and grittier than most of my pieces. And, after reading it, you probably won’t believe I’ve never been on the dark web, but I do my research! Hopefully, this is the foreshadowing of more publications to come.


I hesitate to call myself extreme horror because, to me, regular horror is scarier, in my opinion. But I keep getting labeled, so I guess I’d better embrace it. It’s not the worst brand, as many prefer extreme-and-bizarro horror to the normal fare. I hope you all enjoy the tale, and eventually, it’ll be in my third short-story book, if it ever comes out. I’ve got so many horror-novel rough drafts to turn into polished books, it may be quite a wait. (Soon you’ll get my first four-novella book.)


Wherever you are, make some time for an extra-spooky tale!

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