Hereditary, the Scariest Movie Ever

I got pleasantly surprised a couple of movie nights ago. I’d forgotten how it feels to be genuinely frightened. But in 1981, almost all the films creeped you out. Nowadays, not so much.


Enter Hereditary. It got under my skin big-time, not screwing around, like a movie from another time. Some women claim they’re the most dangerous actress in Hollywood, but it’s obviously Toni Collette, after playing a character with DID on the United States of Tara. When she let loose on her son for yelling at her in the movie from hell, I was glad it wasn’t me.


And that kid, Played by Molly Shapiro! She’ll haunt my dreams! First I thought the tale was about her becoming a serial killer, but it went way beyond that. I didn’t know the half of it, the satanic tale making my hair stand on end like a creepy-crawly should.


Don’t miss this one, if you haven’t seen it already.

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