Realistic Vampires?

I don’t have to tell you this, but in horror, vampires are overdone. Like way-past-overdone. Zombies, too. And werewolves. I would never write a vampire novel because it’s cliche’. But if an author or authors are uber-talented, they can pull it off. Recent or semi-recent examples are Everdead, Let the Right One In, and The Strain (I’m talking books, here, though I love The Strain TV show). Recent movie examples are Afflicted, any Underworld sequel, and Aaron’s Blood. Not that I feel I’m not uber-talented: I wrote a werewolf novel.


But recently, I’ve discovered the sub-genre “Realistic Vampires,” which includes Martin (not so recent) and The Transfiguration. These are films where a guy decides he wants to suck blood, but he’s not supernatural. All he needs to do is find something sharp to pierce the neck or, in the case of Martin, inject you with a sleep aid first, then stick you. And suck. Let’s not forget suck.


Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I prefer my vampires to have powers. I love the sharp-and-lengthened canines, the ability to fly or glide on (as) mist, added strength, the talent to compel humans with a stare, as well as the things they can’t do: go out in the sun, be seen in mirrors, be around a crucifix or garlic or, in the case of Let the Right One In, be around cats. To me, it’s just more kickass that way. Films are made to be sensationalistic–to wow you every five minutes. Realistic works better in every other kind of story because it could happen in real life, but non-supernatural vamps bore me.


Let me know in the comments section which you prefer.

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