Get Ready for My Horror Audio Books!

Anybody excited about my books will be glad to know that all three novels and the one novella will be out as audio books soon, available to purchase through Audible or iTunes. I know I can’t wait!


Unfortunately–or fortunately, if you’re of my point of view–the short-story books won’t be audio books, just as they weren’t made in to paper. Why? For some reason, I got rid of the Microsoft Word versions of my short-story books, and you need Word to make it into two panels for a paper book. And, similarly, you need Word copies to give the auditioning audio-book reader a sample of what to say and how to say it.


I’m pretty sure Horrorbook is my best seller, so I don’t want to diss the short-story books, but…well…my first book was Horrorbook, and I didn’t know I wasn’t getting a pre-made cover, ’cause I’d already contracted with the guy. So I got a demon with a hook, even though none of the stories has a demon with a hook. Ugh! With Insanity, the second book and short-story collection, I was going to call it Pieces of Meat, then wanted to change the title and have a guy breaking through glass, so the cover has a crazy-looking dude bashing through glass–no, those are ice cubes, cause they were going to be pieces of meat–wait…what?! Then there was the foreward where I talked about the current horror scene being a joke, the way most great tales don’t get published. That may be true, but sometimes it’s just better to shut your mouth. Anyway, you get the idea. I’m not proud of my first two books. But I stand behind the horror stories inside. Unfuckable, as in not possible to fuck ’em up.


Back to the audio books: All four should be out by the end of the year, so enjoy!

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