The Fast and the Furious? (It’s Supposed to be a Movie.)

Lately, certain authors are pooping out as many books as they can–100 or more–which many are calling “Fast-and-furious publishing.” They do so to bury hard-working authors like me who put out a book a year. That’s hardly fair, in my opinion.


Neither is it fair to fans, for pissing out too many books is sacrificing quality, specifically editing. I like to edit a book twelve times–the only way to make sure it’s mistake-free, or damn near. One of my favorite authors is Amy Cross. Or, better put, used to be one of my favorites. She has way too many books, and they’re riddled with mistakes.


Published author Joe Hill puts out about as many as me, and he’s already a legend. He’s Stephen King’s son, but he changed his name so he wouldn’t make it on the back of his dad’s success. So cool. Instead of cheating with 100 books already, he puts out novels with no mistakes.


That’s the way to be, if you ask me. You can’t overedit!

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