Go Multi-Genre, a Good Idea for Any Writer

In late November, I realized that I’ve been a full-time author for ten years. So why the hell am I just learning it’s necessary to be a multi-genre writer? Let’s face it, horror doesn’t sell anymore, and it’s time to thrive instead of just survive.


I’m sure that, somewhere out there, an author exists who likes his job and doesn’t mind writing horror for the love, or for accolades from the Horror Writer’s Association. But there can’t be that many of them. An author has a right to be paid for his hard work. And if there are writers fearing they’ll be labeled as sellouts, one can always use a pseudonym–though this may not be a long-term solution. But writing other genres can not only double the fun, but also the friends (fans). In the end, you’ll be more well-rounded.


Still, why would anybody love a job, especially having to get up in the morning? Whatever floats your boat, but I’m an insomniac. It takes me a long time to get to sleep at night. I’ve got to sleep in.


One can always write at night.

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