You Might Have to Write in Other Genres

For those who haven’t figured this out yet–many authors already write in other genres–one must summon up a great deal of courage to admit that one will never make it writing horror. And by “making it” I mean earning a decent profit. Let’s face it: except for the lucky few, horror doesn’t sell anymore. Ask any literary agent. It’s not the ’80s, and you’re not an author if nobody cares, or if you only have one fan (like me).


The obvious solution: write in a genre that sells. You could learn the craft of writing sci-fi or fantasy, or you could assimilate the trade of literary fiction. There’s always non-fiction freelance as a way of making money till your horror ship comes in, if it ever does. Too, one could admit one just isn’t that good of a writer and switch to the young-adult genre. Teens are easier to please than adults. Tots are even easier to please–you could write children’s books. (I grew up loving Curious George.)


You can bet I’m writing a novel in another genre–although I don’t want to give it away yet–because I’m tired of swimming in bugs in my ghetto. Even though the landlord got Orkin to get rid of my ‘roaches and bedbugs, I suffered with them for quite some time, and it happened. All it takes is a nasty neighbor moving in, even if your landlord uses pest control.


Finally, to all those writers who refuse to give up the integrity of being a good, original horror author, I hope you have a well-paying day job you like and don’t want to become wealthy, or I hope you like living with all kinds of critters!

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  • Awesome post speaking to the reality of the writing business. Along with my own site, I also have a day job, as well as a side business that will also produce non-fiction work on a different site’ one that takes advantage of the skills gained in my day job. There is also freelance writing also, if one has a niche. Keep at it, because writing is worth it.

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