Not Heavy, but Super-Heavy (Revised Again)

I’ve been posting about how regular death metal isn’t shocking me anymore and how I’ve gone super-heavy. Yet as I look back on it, I forgot some key albums, and half of these bands don’t do lead solos (it ought to be a law). So now I’m trying to phase out most of the bands that don’t do leads (some are just too brutal not to include), and I think I’ve got a better list this time. So here goes:


  1. Reek of Putrefaction – Carcass
  2. Deicide – Deicide
  3. House by the Cemetery – Mortician
  4. Mortal Massacre – Mortician
  5. Gore Metal – Exhumed
  6. Slaughtercult – Exhumed
  7. Church of the Five Precious Wounds – Repulsive Dissection
  8. Cut Open the Aberration – Repulsive Dissection
  9. Panzer Division Marduk – Marduk
  10. Generation of Hate – Dismembered Fetus
  11. Mutilation of God – Dismembered Fetus
  12. Feasting on Blood – Severe Torture
  13. Misanthropic Carnage – Severe Torture
  14. Infesting the Exhumed  – Lust of Decay
  15. The Ultimate Incantation – Vader
  16. Cross Species Transmutation – Malignancy
  17. Assembled in Blasphemy – The Ravenous
  18. Through the Cracks of Death – Abscess
  19. Wrath of War – Thornspawn
  20. Sanctified by Satan’s Blood – Thornspawn


Band list:



Exhumed (nothing after Slaughtercult)

Repulsive Dissection


Dismembered Fetus



Severe Torture (nothing after Misanthropic Carnage)

Abscess (everything but Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men)

The Ravenous

Dying Fetus



Cannibal Corpse

Slayer (only thrash band that didn’t sell out and go slow in the ’90s)

Insidious Torture

Withered Earth (only Of Which They Bleed)

Lust of Decay


Pig Destroyer

Circle of Dead Children


Vader (only The Ultimate Incantation)

Deicide (only Deicide, Legion, and Once Upon the Cross)


Impending Doom (only Nailed. Dead. Risen.)

Crimson Thorn (only Unearthed and Dissection)


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