Not Heavy, but Super-Heavy

Since my favorite types of music, death/black/thrash metal, grindcore, deathcore and hardcore have lyrics about horror, I thought it would be fun to blog about it. You see, I used to think I knew what was heavy, like Carcass and Nile–and I’m not saying they’re not killing it; other bands kill it harder, though–but I’ve come to discover what’s really heavy. Well, all right, those bands are heavy, but super-heavy. It’s just better. I mean, when’s the last time Carcass sounded like Reek of Putrefaction, and when’s the last time Nile has sounded like In Their Darkened Shrines or Black Seeds of Vengeance? So here’s my new list of favorite albums:


  1. Reek of Putrefaction – Carcass
  2. House by the Cemetery – Mortician
  3. Mortal Massacre – Mortician
  4. Chainsaw Dismemberment – Mortician
  5. Darkest Day of Horror – Mortician
  6. Domain of Death – Mortician
  7. Hacked up for Barbecue – Mortician
  8. Gore Metal – Exhumed
  9. Slaughtercult – Exhumed
  10. Panzer Division Marduk – Marduk
  11. Church of the Five Precious Wounds – Repulsive Dissection
  12. Cut Open the Aberration – Repulsive Dissection
  13. Assembled in Blasphemy – The Ravenous
  14. Through the Cracks of Death – Abscess
  15. Wrath of War – Thornspawn
  16. Sanctified by Satan’s Blood – Thornspawn
  17. Cross Species Transmutation – Malignancy
  18. Generation of Hate/Mutilation of God– Dismembered Fetus
  19. Season of the Dead– Necrophagia
  20. The Divine Art of Torture – Necrophagia


Death metal should scare you. If it bores you or puts you to sleep, you’re listening to the wrong groups.

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