Black Metal: Music of the Possessed

I’ve been sharing my paragraph assignments from Warriner’s Grammar and Composition, Book 3, and this one’s about black metal, which I’ve been listening to more than any other type of music lately. Thankfully, I’ve discovered BM bands that play like death-metal bands, without the clean vocals and keeping the keyboards to a minimum: Immortal, Marduk, Absu, and Thornspawn to name a few. Here goes:


Black metal represents possessed people in look, sound, and attitude. The vocals are pattered after how Regan MacNeil sounded when possessed by the devil in the horror flick, The Exorcist. The corpsepaint the musicians wear resembles the hideous face of Satan that keeps flashing on the screen in the uncut version of The Exorcist. Moreover, The black-metal artists’ hatred of Christ is identical to possessed Regan’s. Therefore, their actions confirm them as being possessed by the devil. First, when Dead of Mayhem blew his brains out, the other musicians, when they found him, decided to take a picture and use it for an album cover instead of calling the police. Then, when a McDonald’s opened in Oslo in Norway, the musicians shot at the business late at night in an effort to start World War III. And black-metal musicians have been known to burn down churches–even if landmarks. BM band members and fans of the Norwegian music committed over fifty arsons of Christian churches from 1992 to 1996. For example, Burzum genius Varg Vikernes was convicted of four church burnings; Samoth of Emperor got sixteen months in jail for church arson; Faust of Emperor, Vikernes, and Euronymous of Mayhem tried to bomb a church, but it didn’t detonate, so they burned the building to the ground. Some of the bands call death metal commercial and use the crappiest equipment possible to come off as being brutaler than anyone else. Finally, in all these ways, they prove black metal is more the devil’s music than any other kind.


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