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Admit it, great books are hard to find in any genre, but especially horror–thanks to all the “authors” way-past-overdoing vampires and zombies–and if you do find them, you’ll probably have to pay too much, as is the case with any recent eBook by Stephen King or Joe Hill. Over ten dollars for a digital book is just greedy and unfair. Therefore, let me make it easier for you to find great, affordable horror.


Nobody knows better than me how hard it is to not only find a great horror novel, but also to come across the rare jewel of an excellent horror film that, holy crap and miracle, actually scares you (Holidays, V/H/S). In past posts, I’ve made it easier to find great horror movies. Now I’m going to fill you in on the terrific free horror novels. It’s common knowledge that most of the books by the olden-day horror authors are free (unless you want a good cover), i.e. Lovecraft, Shelley, Poe, Blackwood, James (M.R.), James (Henry), Stoker, and Le Fanu, so I won’t list those. Just the modern ones.


The Familiar–Benjamin A. Sawyer (This one draws you in with great characters.)


The Taste of Fear–Jeremy Bates (See above.)


Green Lake–S.K. Epperson (Quite creepy in that stalker kind of way.)


Possess–J.A. Howell (This one and the 1st sequel–which isn’t free–will creep you out. After that, the series [ugh] turns into romance [more ugh].)


Pure Evil–Jesse Bastide (Horribly disturbing in a get-under-your-skin kind of way.)


Rushed–Brian Harmon (Just a great, original horror tale; the world needs more of these!)



You’re welcome.




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