Great Smashwords Deal on My Newest Novel

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My newest novel, The Not, is now available on for $1.50 instead of the usual $2.99. It’s part of a promotion they’re doing called the Summer/Winter Sale, which ends July 31. I’m not sure why it’s also called a “Winter” sale, unless they’re doing the ever-popular “Christmas in July” thing. Anyway, it’s a great time to get a deal on the book I released in December, if you haven’t already read it.


Here’s the code to get it for $1.50: SP97D Here’s the link to my profile on Smashwords:¬† (Copy and paste it into your browser.)


It’s a sensational introduction to The Not. And hey, it’s an eBook, so why should you pay too much for it? For the impatient (thanks for your kind and amazing interest in my fiction!), I’m working on getting my next novel published, so I have no idea when it’ll be out. But if I have to self-publish it because of no agent or publisher interest, then it should be available around Halloween. I wish it could be faster. Yet I edit ten times–sometimes more–and of course try to get it published so it will sell well and have a movie version. Anyway, enjoy the sweet deal! I hope you have as good of a time reading my novel as I had writing it!

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