Great Horror on Netflix

I’m beyond grateful for John of the Dead’s blog about the best horror films on Netflix: I’ve found a good number of movies he didn’t mention, however, and I’m going to list them now. You’re welcome.


  1. Last Shift

A new female police officer has to deal with Manson-Family-Type ghosts, and you know right there that it’s going to be nasty. Talk about on-the-job training, or a crash course! Creepy and eerie are understatements for this one.


2. Contracted

I hate to include a zombie movie here, but this one comes at the old Z tale with a fresh take, and I feel it’s worthy. You get to watch the progress, after the undead virus is spread as an STD. Bet some chicks became nuns after seeing this one!


3. Kristy

Haley Bennett’s come a long way since playing Cora Coleman in Music and Lyrics, but almost ten years later, she still looks young enough to play a college student. This time a murderous cult’s after her with this catch phrase: “Kill Kristy, kill God.”


4. V/H/S

Get ready for nightmares. Crooks find a corpse and a stack of VHS tapes, and they’ll soon wish they hadn’t. Spookier movie than most.


5. Inner Demons

A straight-A student who knows the Bible better than anyone in the area–except maybe the pastors–has come down with a drug problem. But she’s getting high to keep back her demon, and when intervention time comes, watch out!


6. Alien Abduction

All right, let’s tell true: it’s our worst fear, the A-word. And it comes true in this flick that’s guaranteed to make you jump.


7. Oculus

A brother and sister are back to the old house after the bro’s released from the mental home, for revenge against a supernatural mirror, and not one to be messed with. After all, it killed their parents.


8. Stung

Insects from hell are on the rise in this one. Two young caterers attempt to thwart the monsters, but can they succeed?


9. 88

If you love Katherine Isbell, as I do, you’ll fall for this one. A woman awakes with amnesia, and the journey to memory takes her on a revenge-filled hell-on-earth.


10. Apartment 143

The paranormal-investigator-finds-poltergeists story unfolds in an apartment this time, and with horrific results. Get ready to flinch.


Bonus: DVDs


I had to include a couple of movies you can get from Netflix DVDs, because they’re mandatory:


  1. The Other

Simply one of the best horror stories ever, Thomas Tryon’s novel comes to life in this movie, sure to be a mind-fuck.


2. It Follows

This actually isn’t a zombie movie–it’s way better. Again with the STD plot, in this one you can give the virus away…if you have sex with somebody else and have no conscience.


If you haven’t seen these, have fun. And don’t watch them alone!




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