Who’s Gonna Pay More Than $10? Me!

Certain self-publishers–who I’m not putting down, as I am one, and am a fan of some self-pubbed writers–have been saying no one’s going to pay more than $9.99 for a book. I suppose they’re doing this to accentuate how much of a deal they’re offering for their novels. I mean, that’s crazy, right? Who’s going to pay that much for a book?




Believe it or not–even if people act like it because they hate their jobs and want to become writers–talent is not an ever-flowing stream. I should probably say it’s just my opinion, but it’s obvious to me. And, yes, it is my opinion, and nothing but. Yet I am starved for a good book! If I have to pay $13 to $15 for the new Stephen King novel or a classic like The House Next Door, I’m paying it, instead of yawning through the supposed “sea of talent.”


I apologize if this post offends anyone, and I’m probably picky, but aren’t we supposed to be connoisseurs of finer talent? We need people to work regular jobs! Who says writing will be better? It’s too much work, first of all, and it’s practically impossible to make any money at it, second. When your parents tell you the entertainment field is too competitive and to ignore the idiots in school and go to college and get a job that pays well, they do it because they love you. I attended a seminar that said under 1% of writers sell 100,000 copies of every book they write. When compared to 2% of actors and actresses finding steady work, it’s ridiculous!


So that’s off my chest.



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