Buried Treasure

I’m no stranger to how old horror can kick major ass, making a monkey of most modern novels. I found this out when I discovered Jere Cunningham’s other three horror novels besides The Abyss (you may not recognize that one, either; it got a Stephen King rec’ decades ago, though), Hunter’s Blood, The Legacy, and The Visitor. But lately, I’ve found a treasure trove. There’re tons of old horror novels that jam like you wouldn’t believe it. Tons! And I’m not just talking about books by Shirley Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley–everyone knows about them. And scratch Rosemary’s Baby from this conversation. Again, we’re all aware of that one.


Our buried treasure starts in the ’50s with The Bad Seed. Now, granted, this one breaks a writer rule, that no eight year old would act like that. But it’s so well-written, it doesn’t matter. And there’s a film version . . . with a different, and brilliant ending . . . not that the book’s climax isn’t killer. Plus, give William March a break. I’ve met some tremendously bratty kids. Insane, even.


Then there’s Burnt Offerings. You’ll have to search high, low, far, and wide to find one that messes with your head like this one. It also has a film version, with Karen Black. (In my mind, I’m horror-geeking out on that fact.) You won’t want to miss Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, either, a great gothic horror novel. Tragically, Robert Marasco and Henry Farrell never wrote another horror novel, although …Baby Jane has some great short stories at the end of the eBook. And there’s a film version of this one, too, with (gasp) Bette Davis and Joan Crawford!


The best news is that I’m not even scratching the surface. These are just the ones I know about! I mentioned something about tons: I haven’t read The Other; The Sentinel; All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By; The Totem; The Ceremonies; and Sweetheart, Sweetheart yet (all the the’s and funny titles). They’re seemingly endless. So get out there and dig so you don’t have to yawn through another vampire or zombie novel.


(If your heart is dead-set [see what I did there?] on vampires, Carmilla and Varney the Vampire; or, the Feast of Blood came out before Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the penny dreadfuls were actually well-written.)

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